Premium light beer on a mission.

COMING SOON — Stay Tuned.
TRU Light will be available in North Carolina.

Light on calories. Heavy on impact.

4.2% Alc./Vol.
95 Calories
2.6 Carbs

Refreshing Quality.


A blend of noble hops delivers a delicate aroma and gently balancing bitterness.


Low temperature lager yeast devours sugar to create a clean, crisp, and crushable beer.


The purest water for perfect H2O chemistry and refreshment with every sip.


Combining two specialty, two-row malts for flavors of baked bread and a hint of caramel sweetness.

Drink beer to make a difference.

TRU Light brings people together and inspires conversation. Every time you enjoy our beer you're driving positive change and making a better world, 12oz. at a time. Simple. Powerful.

Gangs are brewing a new future.

TRU Colors directly employs rival gang members as part of our team. These members actively run the business, brew the beer and work in the community. They are employees, mentors, and activists.

Direct action is the only answer.

TRU Colors is more than beer. We’re overcoming street violence by directly engaging the community to bridge divides and create economic opportunity, all while teaching life skills with professional training.