TRU Colors Mission

Brew opportunity
end gang violence

TRU Colors is committed to ending the cycle of gang violence in America’s neighborhoods – by breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities. It’s time. To educate and change long-held perceptions. To empower and uplift people and communities. To bring people together with a powerful medium for social change: beer. We are taking action. And it’s already working.


Jobs, Skills,


TRU Colors creates opportunities and employs active gang members. Through education, we are starting conversations that are changing perceptions.



Going from the block to the boardroom isn’t easy but it is done through DISRUPT-U, our 8 week onboarding program. The curriculum teaches the four core life skills – Housing, Transportation, Finance, Relationships. It starts by removing self limitations and unlocking people’s full potential.

TRU Community Manager


"When you think you've done your best, dig deep and do better."

Finance Manager


"The opportunity to grow increases when you are fed with knowledge and truth."

Events Manager


"If there is no struggle, there is no strength."

Leading change

Understanding gang violence

Street violence is created through societal isolation and lack of economic opportunities. Which is why it requires a solution that brings people together and creates economic opportunities.

Leading change

Understanding gang culture

Gangs originally arose offering protection, structure, purpose, belonging, and economic opportunity in communities where these things were severely lacking. Despite the media and public perception of gangs, there is a new generation of gang members that is committed to changing that negative image. These men are stepping up as role models with influence to advocate for peace and unity on the streets and in the neighborhood. TRU Colors gives these new community leaders a platform to show the world their unlimited potential.

Leading change

Understanding a social enterprise brewery

Beer brings people together, making it the perfect medium for social change. There’s no better way to spark a conversation and find common ground than over a beer. Brewing beer requires a brewery. But achieving a social mission requires an epicentre of local revolution. Our brewery is a community hub and safe space. It’s a creator’s playground and recording studio. It’s a university for learning life skills. It’s exactly what the community needs.