Brewing Peace Thru Prosperity

We’re building a company to stop gang violence and unite communities across America.

The Beer of Unity

Brewed by once bitter rivals, our beer is a symbol of understanding and unity. Perfect for any occasion, nothing brings people together like TRU Light.

Located at 715 Greenfield St. in Wilmington, NC, TRU Colors Brewery is more than just a building. It is a haven for conversation, a place where perceptions are challenged, and relationships are built. We believe the best conversations can happen over a beer, and our goal is to bring that conversation to every household. Because without discussion, how can we ever have unity?

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TRU Colors
challenging stereotypes

We believe bringing people together “over a cold beer” to have honest conversations can change perceptions, bridge differences, and spark real social change. Our beer, a bridge between modern craft brews and iconic American beer, is brewed by active gang members who believe economic opportunity can change their communities and the world.

The TRU Colors culture is a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit mixed with street hustle. We pull from each other’s experiences to achieve a well-rounded perspective that helps push the company forward. We are Bloods, Crips, and GD’s who have come together to build a brewery that provides opportunities through hard work, education, and commitment to create positive change.

We fight against the odds every day to change perceptions — of ourselves and with others — and create unity to build a more prosperous and peaceful life for our families and our community. TRU Colors is more than just a job, it is a way of life.

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Understanding Gangs

Throughout history, gangs have arisen to protect and provide for communities that need it most. Whether they were created as protectors to defend from outsiders, or to help expand the assets and economics of their community, gangs were initially designed to have positive impacts. Over time, as gangs expanded, divided, new leaders were formed, and rivalries spark tensions. Some of these original reasons the gangs were created are lost.

With that understanding of gangs, it becomes possible to look at gangs through a different lens. It was through that lens that TRU Colors learned the following about gangs;

  • Gangs are more like brotherhoods than organized crime groups. Many gangs have written mission statements and key values that anyone would be proud to align with.
  • Most (not all) gang members are not violent, with most of them being students or holding jobs throughout the community.
  • Gang leadership is not invested in the drug trade, and large drug distributors are not typically gang members.

Through time and relationships with gangs, TRU Colors learned about what it meant to join a gang, how violence was sparked, and the issues in local communities. At that point, it was apparent the best solution to stopping violence had to come from the gangs themselves, not from outside departments.

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What is TRU?

Truth: Our word is our bond. We are true to ourselves and seek to understand the truth in others.

Responsibility: We handle our business. We are responsible for our own actions —to ourselves, our TRU team, our families, and our communities.

Unity: We stand together. We are united to bring about an opportunity for peace through prosperity in our community.

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