Brewing peace thru prosperity

We’re building a company to stop gang violence and unite communities across America.

What is tru colors?

TRU Colors is a large for-profit brewery founded by George Taylor and rival gang leaders (think Bloods, Crips, GD, etc.). In addition to producing great beer, the business incorporates a tightly integrated social mission to stop gang violence and unite communities across America.

The Company has spent the past 2-years in “R&D” developing its unique social mission platform, completing market and demographic studies, and developing corporate, media and gang partnerships that will help ensure it grows to a national brand.

The Company is currently completing construction of its 64,000 square foot facility and will launch beer into North Carolina and Virginia in March of 2021.

TRU Colors is a financially sustainable entrepreneurial solution to one of the country’s most challenging social problems and is set to return both a strong financial and social ROI.

Inner-city violence is an economic problem

TRU Colors believes that inner-city and gang violence is driven primarily by economic issues, and therefore any viable solution must be centered around holistic economic opportunity.​

Generational poverty, broken families and lack of education all build on one another and cause people to believe there is no chance for growth, happiness or success. This hopelessness and lack of economic opportunity often leads to crime and violence as an economic alternative.​

And if a person is convicted of a felony crime, the economic challenges become vastly compounded. Overnight it becomes nearly impossible to get housing, transportation, or a job. And the cycle repeats itself.​

With shrinking opportunity, mounting anger and the belief (and truth) that the world is stacked against them, it’s not surprising that divisiveness and crime are such large and increasing problems in America.​

And so the level of violence continues to escalate!

Tru colors’ commitment

The TRU Colors team has spent the past 3 years developing our unique solution to gang violence– reducing violence by hiring active gang members (they stay in the gang), the ones with influence and the ones involved in the violence.

The TRU Colors Commitment:​

When we enter a city and hire gang leadership, influential members and shooters:​

  • Our experience shows gang violence DROPS OVER 70% within 120 days​

When we engage underserved urban communities with education and opportunity:​

  • A broader peace and unity develop over time​

TRU Colors is about removing limiting beliefs, offering meaningful 2nd chances and solving big social problems through unity, understanding, and opportunity.​

And it works! Join us.​

The brewery

TRU Colors is building a regional brewery capable of producing 55,000 barrels of beer per year. To accelerate distribution (and therefore awareness of the TRU Colors social mission), the Company will work through distributors in Virginia and North Carolina.

Within 10 months of launch, the Company will begin scaling into a national brand. To accelerate this growth, the Company will work closely with its major brewery partner who will help with the additional brewing and distribution of its beer across other states.

What tru colors stands on


We spark others to break barriers, igniting unity, prosperity, and peace.​

Our company’s mission is to brew beer, relationships and shared stories that challenge people’s perceptions. Our vision is achieved by uniting rival gangs, decreasing gun violence, and bettering ourselves and our communities.​

We build bridges between seemingly incompatible things — people, ideas, beliefs, perceptions. And, we believe that every person should have the opportunity to lead a prosperous life and live in peace.


We CONTROL OUR MINDSET- we keep a positive mental attitude every day. We always give 100%- we BUST OUR ASS to execute the play that’s called. We believe in our direction and our leadership- we trust the process. We are HONEST AND BRAVE- we keep it real. We crave knowledge- we are DEDICATED to our professional and personal growth. We bounce back again and again- we see failure as a stepping ​stone. We’re on our game- NOTHING WILL KNOCK US OFF.

Brewing peace thru prosperity!

We're Building a Sustainable Company to Stop Gang Violence and Unite Communities Across America

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