A better world starts with a better you

Why Disrupt-U?

For our social mission to succeed, it’s crucial that our employees themselves be set up to succeed. Disrupt-U is the gateway into TRU Colors. It’s 8 weeks of Education & Opportunity that leads to a change that happens personally, a career role in the company resulting in a dedicated team member equipped to make an impact in their individual lives as well as in the community. Every gang member (or affiliated team member) is required to complete this program upon being hired by TRU Colors.

The program

Disrupting Self-Perceptions

Many on our team start with limiting beliefs that are roadblocks to growth and prosperity. The first step of Disrupt-U is to tear down falsehoods, and rebuild hope and expectations. TRU Colors’ objective of unleashing human potential starts with our own team members.

The program

Teaching core life skills

Team members are placed on the path to success where we teach, and they learn life skills – including the ‘4 Core’ skills: money, housing, transportation and healthy relationships. Next, entrepreneurial skills are taught, but instead of commerce and learning to disrupt a market and grow a business, the focus is on disrupting and growing ‘you’– as a person, and a valued, contributing member of the community. It’s here we also spend time showing our team how the skills they may have learned on the block are translated into a boardroom environment.

The program

Long-Term Success

Disrupt-U is anything but a standard company onboarding. It’s a long-term education and human investment program which teaches and helps gang members choose growth and prosperity to position them for success. It reshapes the idea of identity, provides insight and instruction for real life and a career. It builds trust between participants and a new routine. This is a tough, 60-day intensive course, and not all candidates make it through. Which makes us even more proud of those team members who complete the program to start their new life.

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