What Tru Colors Stands on

We spark others to break barriers, igniting unity, prosperity, and peace.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to brew beer, relationships and shared stories that challenge people’s perceptions. Our vision is achieved by uniting rival gangs, decreasing gun violence, and bettering ourselves and our communities.

We build bridges between seemingly incompatible things — people, ideas, beliefs, perceptions. And, we believe that every person should have the opportunity to lead a prosperous life and live in peace.

The Hustle

We CONTROL OUR MINDSET- we keep a positive mental attitude every day. We always give 100%- we BUST OUR ASS to execute the play that’s called. We believe in our direction and our leadership- we trust the process. We are HONEST AND BRAVE- we keep it real. We crave knowledge- we are DEDICATED to our professional and personal growth. We bounce back again and again- we see failure as a stepping stone. We’re on our game- NOTHING WILL KNOCK US OFF.

Our Story

In December 2015, in Wilmington, NC, just a few blocks from our founder’s office, a 16-year old was killed in a drive-by shooting related to a gang dispute. George was outraged that someone could pull out a gun and shoot someone as they drove by in the streets of Wilmington. He reached out to the District Attorney, asking for an introduction to the “top gangster” in the city. He wanted to understand how anyone could think it was acceptable to wave a pistol out of a car window and pull the trigger.

George spent the next 2 years with the gangs, getting to know them, and building understanding and trust. He wanted to understand their purpose, why people are drawn to them, what drove the violence, and their effect on their members. What he learned was counter to everything he first believed.

Flash forward to today and what started as outrage over witnessing a drive-by shooting, evolved into a series of conversations, changed perceptions and eventually into understanding, trust and a business – TRU Colors.


Gangs or the problems associated with them are not new, but TRU Colors is a unique solution to this age-old problem. We believe that economic opportunity is the great equalizer. Our proprietary 60-day DistruptU program is our core curriculum that builds trust, challenges self-perception, and translates street skills to business skills. This program guides our gang member employees through the process of personal and professional development that equips each person to lead a life of purpose, peace, and prosperity.

The only way to create lasting change is by gaining a new perspective, building a relationship, and helping those involved create a better future. That is why we stand behind our mission of hiring active gang members because no one can solve violence and unite communities like them.

Who is TRU?

TRU Colors is a for-profit business that hires active, rival gang members who have come together to stop street violence and bring peace to our community. We employ active gang members because they maintain the street influence needed to unify rival gangs and decrease violence. Equally important is the belief that gang street skills can translate into entrepreneurial spirit and business success.

TRU builds bridges between seemingly unrelated things — beer, people, ideas, beliefs, perceptions. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to lead a prosperous life and live in peace.

We’ve created a unique company with a fully integrated social mission that drives our entire business model and culture. At TRU Colors, each of us knows the impact of gun violence — one life cut down by a bullet is one too many, and TRU Colors is taking a stand to stop it. We’re committed to brewing great beer, ending street violence, uniting people, first in our Wilmington community, and expanding across North Carolina and the US.

Our business is to brew great beer, but our mission is to stop gang violence.

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