Our Beer

Brewed by once bitter rivals, our beer is a symbol of understanding and unity. TRU Light is the premium light beer that brings people together.

Tru Colors Brewery

TRU Colors believes that some of the most meaningful conversations happen over a beer. These conversations are the ones that change perceptions, help bridge differences, and create real change. With our mission being to unite opposing sides to create change and stop violence, we knew we had to help get beer into the hands of as many people as possible to start these conversations.

That is why TRU Colors is building a brewery capable of brewing 55,000 barrels of beer per year or how we see it more than 18 million conversations. Located at 715 Greenfield St. in Wilmington, NC, our brewery will be a catalyst for change in our lives and our community. Launching in early 2021, our product will be a bridge between modern craft brews and iconic American beer. Follow our Instagram @trucolorsbrew to see updates on our brewery and see more of our story.

TRU Light

There’s a deep-seated divide between backgrounds and cultures around our nation, drawn by highways and railroad tracks, perpetuated by community lines, neighborhoods, and segmented sections of towns. TRU Colors sits at this crossroads as a solution to an age-old issue, bringing together opposing sides, starting conversations, building relationships, and creating change.

Though the road we take may look unconventional, we believe unity has the power to forge a better future for our communities.

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